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Hey everyone! This is Sarah and I am the founder of APHRODITE & PSYCHE 😇 

Named after the Greek Goddesses, Aphrodite and Psyche, they represent outer and inner beauty respectively. Aphrodite aka Venus is known to be the Goddess of Love & Beauty and she represents outer beauty. On the other hand, Psyche is the Goddess of Soul and she represents the human soul and inner beauty. Therefore, I named my blogging website APHRODITE & PSYCHE to reflect my outer and inner beauty as a beauty queen ambassador. That will also be my stage name once I have completed my artist development program training and officially become a singer. 


I have created my blogging website to share with you my training journey to becoming a singer as I am currently part of the Brett Manning Singing Success artist development program which is founded by one of the top vocal coaches in the world, Brett Manning. As a current Miss Worldwide International Australia Ambassador, I will also be sharing with you my beauty ambassadorship journey (training sessions, public appearances, advocacies & charitable work) and will be covering other topics such as makeup, fashion and more!


I was also recently awarded a new title "MWIP Aphrodite & Psyche" by my beauty ambassadorship organisation, Miss Worldwide International Pageant (MWIP) in relation to my blogging website which is part of my legacy project as a beauty queen ambassador. I have been representing Australia in MWIP since 2021 when I was 18 and was Miss Worldwide International Australia Teen back then. Apart from my beauty ambassadorship, I am also a model and blogger.

Throughout my journey as Miss Worldwide International Australia Teen, I have been involved in doing volunteer work in relation to children with special needs and women's rights. I am a patron for the UniverseAbility Champions for Champions (children with special needs charity organisation) and was part of the Curtin University Student Guild Women's Department where we collaborated with the United Nations Women Australia to organise an online fundraising event raising awareness of the UN Women Australia's "Ending Violence Against Women" campaign.

Apart from my ambassadorship position, I also enjoy spending time with people who are close to me, watching movies, gyming and going to the beach once in a while during my leisure time. Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and feel free to subscribe to APHRODITE & PSYCHE and follow me on my socials down below👇😊

P.S. The sash that I am wearing in the image above states "Miss Australia 2022" as 2022 is the year that I transitioned from Miss Worldwide International Australia Teen to Miss Worldwide International Australia. 

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